Group Training at Town Lake!

  I'm doing a group training at Town Lake!  

     It meet's every Tuesday night at 7PM.  The class will mostly focus on burning fat and is designed for all levels of fitness. I want the class to be FUN and for everyone to be able to participate. It will consist of a warm up with stretching, abs and core, cardio to burn the fat, and various total body exercises where you will be sculpting the upper and lower body at the same time you are burning fat. You won't even need any dumbbells or equipment. Everything can be done with your own body weight. Each group training session will last 60 minutes and includes stretching, cardio, strength training, a warm up, and a cool down. It's a great way to combine your strength training and cardio, enjoy a beautiful place, and save a TON of time.  All you need is a towel to whip away your liquid effort and $15.  We will meet every Tuesday at 7PM next to the Stevie Ray Vaughn memorial statue.  Feel free to call me if you have any questions.  512-705-0766.  I can't wait to see you there!

Referrals and Group training


     Just a reminder to anybody! If you refer somebody and they purchase a training package you get free training! Even if they only buy one session or even a half session. I'll match whatever single session they buy and give it to you for free.  Just to say thanks.  And if they purchase a four pack, I'll give you two free sessions. So I'll match single sessions, and split any packages. This is a steal!  Have at it.


     If you know two or more people willing to pay just $15 a piece, group training is the way to go.  Especially since I can come to you.  All group training sessions are sixty minutes and include a warm up and cool down stretch. If you can't find a group, I can put one together for you.  The first couple classes can be done without any props (dumbbells, kettle-bells, stability balls, resistance band ext.).      

Anywhere Anytime!


     Hello Austin!  Just to make it clear to anybody new to my training, I CAN TRAIN ANYBODY, ANYWHERE, AT ANY TIME!  I can train you at South Austin Gym, the very spacious fitness center at my apartment, the park, your backyard, your living room, or your garage.  All we need is some space.  Technically we don't even need any equipment.  


     O.K. last time I promised you guys I'd explain calories in vs. calories out.  Throw out everything you've heard about not eating certain foods past certain times, and look at your caloric intake per day. Now compare that to your daily physical activity.  If you are burning up the same amount of calories that you are consuming, then you will remain the same weight.  If you are burning up more calories than you are taking in, you will loose weight.  If you are taking on more calories than you are burning up you will gain weight.  Calories are calories.  Whether they come from foods hi in fat, protein, carbs, or alcohol.  And don't forget about how fast alcohol consumption adds up.  Don't skip breakfast!  Try to eat as many small meals throughout the day as possible.  At the very minimum you should eat three meals a day.


     Next time I'll explain what it means to "work-in" on a machine to better optimize efficiency during busy gym hours.



     Good day to everybody out there!  Isn't the gym a great place.  It's a safe place where people go to feel better.  We see common acquaintances that are almost never judgmental, and we leave feeling better.  It almost has a religious-like feel to it.  But what happens when it's too crowded?  What happens when people have to wait for equipment?  Working-in happens.  It is literally sharing equipment or space.  Working-in is literally one person uses a piece of equipment while the other rests, then you switch.  For those of you who play golf, it's the equivalent of ready golf.  It saves time, and nobody gets their feelings hurt.  Be prepared to explain what this is though.  New years is right around the corner, so there will be a TON of new people to the gym who will look completely lost.  Be nice to these people and make them feel welcome!  Funny story: In college I once asked a young woman who was "lounging" on a machine shoulder press at the rec center if I could "work-in".  She was under the impression I was trying to kick her off this piece of equipment, and responded with, "Just take the damn. thing."  I had to explain to her what it meant to share the equipment.



     I just wanted to say how cool it was to see a former co-worker of mine, Ahmad Watson and his girlfriend Brooke Stacey, be awarded the title of fittest couple according to Austin Fit Magazine's February 2011 issue featuring Austin's 10 fittest couples.  The number 4 couple featured a former client of mine from the gym Ahmad and I trained together at.  Congratulations also to Jonathan Weems and Chardonnay Pool for a job well done!   





Group Training


     O.K. guys!  This is my first ever blog! First I'd like to say thank you to all who visit my site.  Today's topic is GROUP TRAINING.  To those of you at South Austin Gym or the fitness center at my apartment who have seen my business card, y'all already know that group training is two or more people training together for ONLY $15 a person.  Imagine having a group of 5 or 6 of your friends working together, feeding off of each other, and pushing each other to get the best possible workout each and every time you're at the gym.  If you can't form a group on your own, no problem, I can group you up with people of your own ability.

     Don't forget I can train anybody, at anytime, anywhere.  That includes South Austin Gym, the fitness center at my apartment which is VERY spacious, the park, or any garage, backyard, or living room.  Don't waste time!  If you're new to working out, or just getting back into a routine I specialize in burning fat through functional training.  DON'T START ON YOUR OWN!  You could develop bad habits from the very beginning and either injure yourself or develop your body disproportionately.  My sessions are priced reasonably enough that if you worked with me once a week and practiced what we do 2 other days during the week, you'll reach your goal in a REASONABLE time frame.  The last thing you want to do is drop 20 lbs in the first 2 weeks only to gain 15 of it back in the following 2 months.  Fat loss is supposed to be slow and steady.  1-2 lds per week, or a half to 1% decrease in body fat per month.  It's supposed to be a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.


     One of the most often asked questions I see is, "How many times a week should I workout?"  That all depends on how conditioned your body is.  Even the most conditioned and fit people in the world take at least one day off if not two.  Your least conditioned or fit people need more rest.  So people new to working out should start with training three days per week.  Exercise taxes the central nervous system.  The more more conditioned body has a more conditioned the central nervous system.  Most of my clients train with me twice a week and workout on their own practicing what they've learned twice a week. I have a few clients that only train once a week, but it's rare.  I usually don't get good results with a client unless they are willing to see me twice a week and hit it on their own at least twice a week.